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Lynne B

Our mum has been here since 5th March 2019 and so far myself and my siblings have been more than happy with the care here. She has vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s and also had a stroke approx 14 yrs ago. She gets confused but both her and us children (4) have been reassured by the lovely staff and management here at what is a very difficult time for us all.

Kim S

Our first visit to see Mum yesterday and we were extremely impressed with the whole place. Beautiful home, comfortable, clean and light. Staff were amazing with all residents and there was a happy, friendly atmosphere. Having spent a lot of time in hospitals etc with other family members, we found that this was MUCH more like a real ‘home’. We were there over lunchtime and the meal looked and smelled delicious, the portions were a decent size too. It’s great to be able to leave Mum, knowing that she is being well cared for. Thank you all.

Robert L

One word EXCELLENT! All the staff are very dedicated and working wonders in a very kind manner.

Cilla H

A small, family feeling home. Just right for my mother as she feels ‘at home’ with plenty of people to talk to and interact with. As she has dementia it is important that she feels safe and cared for. I have no worries when I am away as I know that she is in good hands.

Anne M

I visited the care home to see my mother in law and father in law and I was so impressed by the homely feeling and atmosphere on arrival. My mother in law, who, at home, was almost catatonic, was up, dressed, conversing and looking nourished, clean and happy. My father in law was clean, up out of bed, reading (not done in years) and in a beautiful room. The staff, through their care, saved his life by noticing a dangerous medical condition and for that, I hold them in the highest esteem! They were being cared for at home for years and nothing was ever picked up. Marlborough Lodge are amazing.

Elizabeth W

My friend has been a resident for almost 5 yrs. I have never been concerned about her care since being in Marlborough Lodge. She is always clean, her room and her clothes, clean and tidy. There is lots of stimulation for the residents sometimes it is outside groups or just the staff doing things with them.

Michael F

My mother had been resident at Marlborough Lodge from March 2014 until her recent death. In that time she went from not really being happy there to extremely happy and contented. She had a wonderful relationship with the staff even as her dementia became more pronounced and she lost the ability to speak. The staff were always supportive and patient with her eating and drinking foibles and always seemed to find time to interact with her. When she died, the staff were quite distressed and gathered in the hall as she was taken out by the funeral directors to say goodbye. 
A wonderful home with wonderful staff.

Heather Athawes

As soon as I walked into The Lodge, I felt the warmth and love that was given to the residents and that view never changed, in fact it was enhanced as I got to know you all. Your compassion and understanding is never ending and this is amazing to see.

Charlotte Pook

When we arrived my granddad was in the community room looking very happy singing. He was looking clean, tidy and content. We are extremely happy with the help and care that the staff have given to him and helping to settle him in.

Bridget & Family

My mother in law couldn’t be looked after better; the staff are kind and professional and always welcoming to me and my family. Thank you for everything you do. 

Linda + Steve Taylor

Always a warm welcome. Nothing too much trouble. Pete always looked after very well. Many thanks for everything you all so!

Chas + Sasha

Great welcome as always. Mum looked after well and the dog always welcome. Thank you for your support.


How can i ever thank you enough for looking after mum and for making it possible for her to come and live in Marlborough Lodge. I visited a few care homes, and this one, was the only one where the Manager was so, thoughtful, understanding and caring to myself, and mum’s needs. You took time and trouble to make mum at home, and she did feel at home, as if you were all family. And again, i cannot say how special that was! it has been a pleasure to get to know you all, and the residents. And just to say that you all made it possible for me to enjoy the last 8 months of mum’ life

Sarah, Claire & Peter

Thank you so very much for looking after our mother, with such great care and compassion. It really means so much to us that she was so well cared for. Sarah, Claire & Peter 

Paul & Sasha

For the team at Marlborough Lodge, thank you for helping mum to settle in and for looking after her so well. Paul & Sasha 


It has been so nice to see such care and time put into my dad. He was not the easiest to look after but he was treated like an individual and thats what people need when their loved ones go into care. Sara

Graham & Ellen

Many thanks for all your love and care for mum. Graham & Ellen


To all at Marlborough Lodge – a huge big thank you for all you do to care for my dear sister. It is greatly appreciated. Rosemary

Peter & Wendy

We would like to say a big thank you for all the care and kindness you gave to our mum during her stay with you. Also for the support you gave us during visits and phone calls. It is a very sad time for us, but you all made it so much easier. Peter & Wendy

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